December 21, 2013


this was way back in the beginning of november, but i never got around to posting it
me, evelyn and emily went to a halloween lolita thing and it was the largest group of lolitas i've ever seen! everybody was really fantastically dressed too! and i got to meet cadney *_____*

 i was a spoooooky alchemy witch

this photo is so blown out it's hard to see my makeup, but i had gold eyeshadow on
my lipstick is from wet n wild! it's 99 cents and it's one of the better lipsticks i have lol

hat: vintage. but i put a bunch of blue roses and pins on it
bolero: hmhm
chiffon overdress: dark box
jsk: moitie!! my first moitie piece
socks: babyssb
shoes: lolita lola
shawl is some random pashmina thing and i carried a black aatp virgin mary tote

inside podunk! it's a really tiny teahouse so it was a bit difficult navigating with so much poof

their scones are delicious! i had a pot of black orchid vanilla tea

tia decorated the place!

we had a really cute table (*☌ᴗ☌)。 i met kitsy and tara! they're a bat princess and prince

a silly pic of emily
she was wearing her new cadre du chat jsk, it's SO beautiful *^* her outfit is cat familiar!

everybody got a little gift baggie with treats inside! i got two because i was voted runner-up best outfit >:B the second baggie had a little handmade bow in it

it was evelyn's first time wearing lolita for reals ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
she was a ~musical cat~

tara and kitsy outfit shot and i really liked these girls' style. i thought they were really unique with the theme

me and evelyn went straight to ikea in all our poof and i bought way too much

xoxo gossip girl

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