June 10, 2013

babyssb fashion show

since i don't really follow the animes there weren't many panels at anime next i was interested in, but i knew baby the stars shine bright would be there having a fashion show so i was pretty jazzed about that. babyssb is one of my favorite lolita brands of all time, and pretty much my first exposure to the fashion back in 2006, when i was still a weedy high schooler.

the show was on saturday, when i dressed up as alice but i was wearing my black baby headbow. it's one of my first brand pieces, from 2007 i think, and from the very first time i bought directly from baby! the other thing i had gotten with it was a pair of black knee socks with some lace on them

a similar headbow and pair of socks (actually they're probably exactly the same still) i found on their webshop just now

i just had a point and shoot camera with me so the pictures i took aren't the best quality - especially since we were a bit far from the stage. everything wound up with a blueish tint because of the giant blue backdrop too U_________U i also wasn't able to capture all the outfits but i think some of these shots came out rather well!

clockwork aristo kitty. a lot of the prints shown were also available to purchase at their booth in the dealer room. not shown was paradiso unicorn and roman's sweet letters (i think) but they were also at the booth

the ginger doll set *___* i really like this set! it's very Old School feeling and super doll like. dat bonnet

this guy is from the band moon stream
there's another model with him but i couldn't get a clear photo of them together. she might have been wearing grizabella ?

wiz me over the rainbow jsk

"juicy baby love love berries"

blooming fairy doll. so many ruffles!

the same model i couldn't capture earlier with moon stream guy

designers saki tachibana and masumi kano came out as well

then akinori isobe appeared and they held a Q & A session and we scooched closer, but the sound was very bad and it was hard to hear anything so we left shortly. there was also a bunch of people sitting next to us that wouldn't stop talking.

masumi, isobe, saki, translator and MC melod¥ doll

i got a good shot of her! she was a special guest and had her own panel as well, but i missed it

overall it was cute! but the sound could have been handled better - sometimes the music would spike and get super loud, and then during the Q&A it was way too low, and there was lot of mic feedback. it seemed pretty shoddy but that's a reflection of the venue and anime next staff and not of babyssb. the dealers booth, which i don't actually have a picture of but took a bunch of postcards from, was adorable and looked well stocked though. and i didn't know at the time but if you spent $300 at the booth you received a ticket to a ~secret tea party~ haaaa
i didn't buy anything!

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