June 10, 2013

anime next con report

i went to anime next for the first time! evelyn had a table in the artist alley so me and paril tagged along with evelyn and her bf to help out and rubberneck. it was pretty fun! i didn't go to that many panels at all, just worked table and walked around a bunch. but now i've been to a real deal ~anime convention~ so that's cool. i took a whole bunch of cosplays i thought were neat or whatever


cafeteria. no soy milk

early friday morning, when we were setting up the table. the lighting here is really miserable and the floor is kinda gross. these people are so dedicated to anime

a group of adventure times

this guy?? what is this guy

dark link didn't actually come by the table so i sneaked this

cilan and chili

QT togepi

dicking around the dealers room. so many $croll

life size

found darth vader

lutece twins! i wasn't sure if they were really twins or relatives but they had it on lock

just two guys havin a good time

malon came by

i took a nap

henry lounging

raiden appeared at the end of the day
on saturday i saw a samuel too but i didn't get a picture of him


we dressed up on saturday! i was alice and evelyn was homura but i didn't get a picture of her somehow

mcgriddles are really good
we drove to mcdonalds before coming here and i bought breakfast in my dumb outfit and the lady behind the counter kept side eyeing me

jealous of his duel disk

i don't know what they are but they were posing for a photo and i swooped in and took one too


wizard mickey mouse!! i was pretty excited about this because i've had the exact same wizard mickey mouse doll since i was 12

with gambit and rogue and harris of sanshee
i wanted to get a love shockers t shirt but they didn't have my size left U__U

??? outside the bathroom

i fell into a windows desktop
actually me and paril were heading back to the hotel and didn't know how to get onto the road so we climbed up the grass and then realized there was an actual path back there

we took a long nap and then we all ate dinner
evelyn was tired so she took a shower and stayed in the hotel with henry but me and paril went to check out that rave thing

this guy was grinding all up on this girl only wearing a bra

it kind of smelled

i wanted to poke around some of the 18+ panels that were going on so i dragged paril into this fetish panel. it would have been better if they didn't try so hard to make it an interactive event i think. we left after they showed live action giantess porn


on sunday me and evelyn coordinated and were maaaaaaaids

cat maiiiiidss

a fairy!

relaxin in the back

pegasus and chibi usa

a really cool female medic!

more Sailors



QT link playing her ocarina for us

sunday was our last day, the artist alley ended at 3pm so we packed everything up and went to friendly's where i changed out of my puffs in the bathroom and ate a whole bunch of food. we drove home and i dropped off my luggage at home so i could run immediately to gamestop and buy animal crossing lol

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