June 10, 2013

babyssb fashion show

since i don't really follow the animes there weren't many panels at anime next i was interested in, but i knew baby the stars shine bright would be there having a fashion show so i was pretty jazzed about that. babyssb is one of my favorite lolita brands of all time, and pretty much my first exposure to the fashion back in 2006, when i was still a weedy high schooler.

the show was on saturday, when i dressed up as alice but i was wearing my black baby headbow. it's one of my first brand pieces, from 2007 i think, and from the very first time i bought directly from baby! the other thing i had gotten with it was a pair of black knee socks with some lace on them

a similar headbow and pair of socks (actually they're probably exactly the same still) i found on their webshop just now

anime next con report

i went to anime next for the first time! evelyn had a table in the artist alley so me and paril tagged along with evelyn and her bf to help out and rubberneck. it was pretty fun! i didn't go to that many panels at all, just worked table and walked around a bunch. but now i've been to a real deal ~anime convention~ so that's cool. i took a whole bunch of cosplays i thought were neat or whatever