May 30, 2013

hi society

last wednesday was the opening reception at the society of illustrators for a show i'm in! it was for the winners of the MoCCA awards they gave out in april, sunday in the park with boys was one of the winners so i got to show some related work. there was way more food than i thought there would be! it was great!

trying on the outfit, i thought the choker was too much so i left it out. originally i had wanted to wear this babyssb necklace, but it didn't arrive in time U___U

at SoI

dress: emily temple cute
blouse: 69th dept
socks: innocent world
hat: lemoncookie or rowky?? i don't remember
gold bracelet: vintage
earrings, fur scrunchie: chocomint
shoes, shoe clips, bag: offbrand

PS, here are some old pictures from a picnic greasy and i had last summer. they were taken with her diana camera-

dreamy creamy
bye bye