March 6, 2013


hello! i moved over from my fc2 blog because it wasn't loading properly on my computer and it was a hassle trying to deal with it. i figured i had this blog as well so i'll update personal posts here from now on

a couple recent outfits -

hat: drug honey 
salopette: bobon21 
top: uniqlo heattech 
cardigan: gap 
tights: forever21

wore this a couple days before valentine's day. we went to paris baguette and got a macaron and squishy cake and then got calzones because i wanted a calzone lol

OP, bag: angelic pretty
socks: sweet marcel
shoes: bodyline
wore this out to lunch with evelyn. i had scrimp curry U w U later we dicked around kinokuniya and had some drinks at zaiya. she had a matcha latte and i had a cafe au lait!

here's a couple cute pictures of cupcakes from earlier this year, in january - 


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