March 22, 2013

bourbon club

we went to bourbon club! also i was going to go to a local con evelyn was tabling at, but i got up late and took too long to get dressed womp womp
it was snowing so i wore tons of layers but it really wasn't so cold

dress, barrette, bag: angelic pretty
blouse: anna house
cardigan: emily temple cute
socks: sweet marcel
shoes: secret shop
(coat, cape: boguta, f+f)

i wore my tea time a la carte jsk for the first time U w U originally i really wanted the salopette but then i found the dress on yjp for cheaper! i really love the donut print-

cute cutlery lace !!

i couldn't find the matching black headbow but i did find a pink barrette with the same print (i got it for ¥500 huehuehue)

bourbon club! the food jenn made was amazing, and the pate was amazing uuuuuughhgughuh

the bourbon that night was red and blue state bourbon. we brought boylan shirley temple soda as a mixer, mostly because i thought it looked QT in the supermarket. i don't rly know anything about bourbon but jenn made me a birthday ice cream sandwich with st. paddy's day cookies and americone dream!!!

zeppelin dog being a lookyloo in my things
he kind of looks like a small Stinky here

handmade marshmallows! it was a great and delicious night

i was a puff

bye bye

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