March 12, 2013

birthday café

i had a small birthday dinner at café lalo saturday night, but my birthday is right nooOOWWWW

 bonnet: metamorphose 
roses: babyssb 
JSK: vierge vampur 
choker: unicorn shop 
socks: swimmer 
shoes: lolita lola
jv got me the vierge vampur jsk for christmas but it didn't come until march haha
beneath it i'm wearing this milk dress:
i originally planned to only wear my milk OP but when i got my new dress i wanted to wear it immediately. i think it worked out pretty well, especially since the gold accents (and alice theme) on the jsk went with my swimmer socks:

my choker:

café lalo -

i had a baked salmon salad and a chocolate shake with peppermint schnapps, with hardly any schnapps

and blackberry tart!

ok bye!!

1 comment:

  1. Awh! So it was your birthday! Happy belated one!

    I follow you on poupee girl and followed one of your links btw.

    Your outfits are so cute! I love your style!