December 21, 2013


this was way back in the beginning of november, but i never got around to posting it
me, evelyn and emily went to a halloween lolita thing and it was the largest group of lolitas i've ever seen! everybody was really fantastically dressed too! and i got to meet cadney *_____*

 i was a spoooooky alchemy witch

this photo is so blown out it's hard to see my makeup, but i had gold eyeshadow on
my lipstick is from wet n wild! it's 99 cents and it's one of the better lipsticks i have lol

hat: vintage. but i put a bunch of blue roses and pins on it
bolero: hmhm
chiffon overdress: dark box
jsk: moitie!! my first moitie piece
socks: babyssb
shoes: lolita lola
shawl is some random pashmina thing and i carried a black aatp virgin mary tote

inside podunk! it's a really tiny teahouse so it was a bit difficult navigating with so much poof

their scones are delicious! i had a pot of black orchid vanilla tea

tia decorated the place!

we had a really cute table (*☌ᴗ☌)。 i met kitsy and tara! they're a bat princess and prince

a silly pic of emily
she was wearing her new cadre du chat jsk, it's SO beautiful *^* her outfit is cat familiar!

everybody got a little gift baggie with treats inside! i got two because i was voted runner-up best outfit >:B the second baggie had a little handmade bow in it

it was evelyn's first time wearing lolita for reals ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
she was a ~musical cat~

tara and kitsy outfit shot and i really liked these girls' style. i thought they were really unique with the theme

me and evelyn went straight to ikea in all our poof and i bought way too much

xoxo gossip girl

winter international lolita day

my outfit for winter lolita day! i went to a small meetup, had tea and scones and then we all went across town to find this gallery... but it was closed U____U but some of us got kyochon fried chicken afterwards and that was great

the theme for our meet was ~winter~ so i wanted to be a nutcracker. i don't have very nutcracker clothes though.

uniqlo has great lighting

hat: rowky
feather pin: topshop
blouse: some taobao
pinafore, coat: vintage
belt: asos
tie: jane marple
echarpe: chess story
tights: sakizo, they have cats on them!
boots: mossimo supply
bag: ?? chinese

i was a test shot prop
we did a white elephant and i got a box of macarons! they were in the victoria's secret bag

tia took a shoe shot it's my first shoe pic ;____;
she took our outfit shots as well!

between tia and emily
everybody was a beautiful winter princess !!


oh P S 

this is what i wore last winter ILD!

bow: handmade
cutsew: knit&co
jsk: surface spell
bag: it's really hard to see but it's black heart, h&m
socks: metamorphose
shoes: capezio, they're dance shoes lol


September 2, 2013

happy pie

i'm outside a restaurant that didn't let me use their bathroom one time i really had to pee and went inside and asked if i could please use their bathroom and the place was nearly empty anyway

i wore innocent world a couple weeks ago to lunch with evelyn! we went to a diner and then dicked around red mango for a while playing animal crossing and eating froyo

i love this print so much ☻ᴥ☻
jsk, bag, headbow, socks: innocent world
blouse: 69th dept
necklace: baby

the pie tote is so great but... really small and pretty much useless u__u
i had a ton of stuff with me so i was just hauling it in my rilakkuma bag instead

June 10, 2013

babyssb fashion show

since i don't really follow the animes there weren't many panels at anime next i was interested in, but i knew baby the stars shine bright would be there having a fashion show so i was pretty jazzed about that. babyssb is one of my favorite lolita brands of all time, and pretty much my first exposure to the fashion back in 2006, when i was still a weedy high schooler.

the show was on saturday, when i dressed up as alice but i was wearing my black baby headbow. it's one of my first brand pieces, from 2007 i think, and from the very first time i bought directly from baby! the other thing i had gotten with it was a pair of black knee socks with some lace on them

a similar headbow and pair of socks (actually they're probably exactly the same still) i found on their webshop just now

anime next con report

i went to anime next for the first time! evelyn had a table in the artist alley so me and paril tagged along with evelyn and her bf to help out and rubberneck. it was pretty fun! i didn't go to that many panels at all, just worked table and walked around a bunch. but now i've been to a real deal ~anime convention~ so that's cool. i took a whole bunch of cosplays i thought were neat or whatever

May 30, 2013

hi society

last wednesday was the opening reception at the society of illustrators for a show i'm in! it was for the winners of the MoCCA awards they gave out in april, sunday in the park with boys was one of the winners so i got to show some related work. there was way more food than i thought there would be! it was great!

trying on the outfit, i thought the choker was too much so i left it out. originally i had wanted to wear this babyssb necklace, but it didn't arrive in time U___U

at SoI

dress: emily temple cute
blouse: 69th dept
socks: innocent world
hat: lemoncookie or rowky?? i don't remember
gold bracelet: vintage
earrings, fur scrunchie: chocomint
shoes, shoe clips, bag: offbrand

PS, here are some old pictures from a picnic greasy and i had last summer. they were taken with her diana camera-

dreamy creamy
bye bye

April 16, 2013


i saw kyary live on sunday night! it was pretty amazing! we were in the back because it was so crowded so we were nowhere near the stage, but one of the TVs was nearby so it wasn't too bad

i wore --

i wore my kool skull shirt

and i got a cool shirt!! invader invaderrrrrrrrr

i climbed on jv's back and saw kyary for a split second and took this picture lol

and after we went to shake shack and it was great

bonus-- mocca outfit

my shoes are so dirty


March 25, 2013

mail day

i love mail days! i don't think i'll be able to have any for a while so i have to savor today while i can lol

my lovely poodle coat from baby arrived-

i got this in their sale back in february, it took forever for them to invoice and ship it to me U___U
it was 70% off though so i don't really mind!
was debating for a bit whether to get this or the pink one, but eventually ended up getting the beige since i didn't have any light colored coats and i thought it would go with more outfits than pink would. the color kind of reminds me of dirty dishwater

frilly "poodle hair" lol
the velveteen bows are kinda weirdly placed. it looks like some drunk person was told to put a couple bows around the embroidery and they couldn't get it right but didn't quit. i'd prefer it if it had no bows at all but i'm not willing to remove them just in case anything happens though.
on the plus side, it's made of very thick and warm wool, and it's still pretty cold out so i could get some use out of it before spring finally kicks in

me and evelyn also got some small miscellaneous stuff-
i got this tote from the new angelic pretty e-mook

¥900! i think that's a pretty fair price for this bag since the print isn't very clear or solid. it didn't come with the mook but i don't really care about the mook (and it seems as though when you remove the bag from the mook it tears the paper anyway?)

and a choker from syrup! it came with a small catalogue and postcard. this is my first ever buy from syrup and i'm pretty happy with it, the construction is solid and the leather is very thick and durable

old stuff i got that i think is super cute and want to talk about-

etude house sweet recipe nail polish and all over color
i'm pretty into the milky glitter trend right now
the all over color pot i wanted because i've been into bright red blush lately, but it makes a pretty good lip color. it looks like a soft stain and smells like peach rings

ok bye bye

March 22, 2013

bourbon club

we went to bourbon club! also i was going to go to a local con evelyn was tabling at, but i got up late and took too long to get dressed womp womp
it was snowing so i wore tons of layers but it really wasn't so cold

dress, barrette, bag: angelic pretty
blouse: anna house
cardigan: emily temple cute
socks: sweet marcel
shoes: secret shop
(coat, cape: boguta, f+f)

i wore my tea time a la carte jsk for the first time U w U originally i really wanted the salopette but then i found the dress on yjp for cheaper! i really love the donut print-

cute cutlery lace !!

i couldn't find the matching black headbow but i did find a pink barrette with the same print (i got it for ¥500 huehuehue)

bourbon club! the food jenn made was amazing, and the pate was amazing uuuuuughhgughuh

the bourbon that night was red and blue state bourbon. we brought boylan shirley temple soda as a mixer, mostly because i thought it looked QT in the supermarket. i don't rly know anything about bourbon but jenn made me a birthday ice cream sandwich with st. paddy's day cookies and americone dream!!!

zeppelin dog being a lookyloo in my things
he kind of looks like a small Stinky here

handmade marshmallows! it was a great and delicious night

i was a puff

bye bye